Our Guide tarps are made from 40D Nylon with Silicone impregnation plus a PU coating and heat-taped seams. Enjoy peace of mind, a superior camping experience, and a lighter load to carry.

Our Safari tarps are made from the durable heat-taped 70D Nylon with the UltraLight Silicone/PU coating of our Guide tarps, giving you the best of both worlds! Waterproof, tough and surprisingly lightweight.

Aqua Quest Waterproof Tarps

The Aqua Quest Safari and Guide XL Tarps are what we are known for! We have one of the largest camping tarps on the market. At 20 x 13 feet or 6 x 4 meters, you can fit all your family, friends, clients, and even the dog (or cat) under this XL base camp tarp! 100% waterproof, and they’re durable, versatile, and are covered by our two-year no worries warranty! Our waterproof tarps for sale are made of a silnylon material, reinforced seams with plenty of tie down points. They’re lightweight and great for extended group camping trips. These tarps are perfect for backpacking, kayaking, hammock covers, picnic shelters, or use them as an added awning on to your van or RV. Keep your gear safe and dry while looking slick with an extra large waterproof tarp by Aqua Quest!

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